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Northfield Raiders Lacrosse

The Northfield Lacrosse Association (NLA) partners with local businesses that generously offer our players, and their families various opportunities to raise money to help the Association develop Lacrosse in our community.  The NLA uses the money raised during these fundraisers to:

  • help keep registration costs down
  • maintain the fields our players use
  • purchase equipment and uniforms
  • cover coaches and referee costs

If interested in sponsoring the Lacrosse Association please email us at

Thank you all for helping us develop and make lacrosse a growing sport in our community.
Northfield Lacrosse Association (NLA)

Girls Raider Varsity and JV 2022 Schedule

Northfield Raiders Girls Lacrosse Varsity and Jv Schedule is now released!

Come out and show your support!! 

Lacrosse Approved As High School Sport

The Northfield School Board voted unanimously, on May 28, 2013 to approve boys and girls varsity and junior varsity lacrosse as sanctioned MSHSL sports for the 2013-2014 school year. 


                 FLAMINGO FLOCKING

Spring is here and the flock is back! Support our flamingo fundraiser by requesting our flamingo flock and giving someone a laugh! With a donation of $25, our flamingos will settle in their yard for the day for a fun surprise.  Great for birthdays and other celebrations, or just for fun!  Just email us their name and address, and when you'd like the flock delivered, and we will take care of the rest! ( Funds raised support girls program costs.)

Email us at to order a flock!