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NLA mission

The Northfield Lacrosse Association is a not-for-profit organization providing youth in Northfield and the surrounding areas with an opportunity to develop a positive character building experience by honoring and respecting the sport and traditions of lacrosse.

Northfield Raiders Lacrosse

The Northfield Lacrosse Association (NLA) partners with local businesses that generously offer our players, and their families various opportunities to raise money to help the Association develop Lacrosse in our community.  The NLA uses the money raised during these fundraisers to:

  • help keep registration costs down
  • maintain the fields our players use
  • purchase equipment and uniforms
  • cover coaches and referee costs

If interested in sponsoring the Lacrosse Association please email us at

Thank you all for helping us develop and make lacrosse a growing sport in our community.
Northfield Lacrosse Association (NLA)

The NLA Board needs you!!

How about being a Board Member?

The NLA is always looking for members. This group is dedicated, professional, fun and energetic. They meet once/month for about 2 hours.

Board members gain practical experience in planning and implementing programs, learn to value each other, and grow from what it takes to maintain a valuable youth athletic association. There are opportunities to network and get involved in your area of interest or expertise.

If you are looking to contribute to a youth program and really want to make a difference, contact one of the board members listed here!


Jen  Adams

Jen Adams

Girls Program Coordinator